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Industrial Rail Safety

The following is a breakout of the “Industrial Rail Safety” course for locomotive operators working in an industrial environment.

OBJECTIVES: Upon successful completion of this course trainees will adhere to the operating rules and practices to safely and efficiently perform the duties of rail car switching in an industrial environment. They will demonstrate the following:

  • Non main track rules compliance
  • Safe work procedures doing basic physical tasks
  • Proper use of freight car air brakes
  • Charging, applying and releasing air brakes
  • Railcar coupling and uncoupling procedures
  • Handbrake application
  • Basic switching techniques
  • Operating switches
  • Getting on and off equipment
  • Walking between standing equipment
  • Job briefing

DURATION: The course is of an 8 hour classroom duration, followed by 8 hrs practical on-job training.

METHODOLOGY: : We use in classroom high quality visuals in PowerPoint format projected on a large screen by a multi media projector.

MATERIALS: Trainees will be provided with

  • Rule book
  • Trainee guide with visual aids

We will require the following equipment for the field portion:

  • Locomotive or on track car mover
  • Rail cars

CLASS SIZE: 1 – 8 trainees

Upon successful completion of this course, trainees will be certified in non-main track operation.

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