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Sandy Cooke

Sandy has over 35 years experience in the industry working as a conductor, Rules Instructor, Training Developer, and Training Manager with a large Class 1 railway. He has been involved in training for 24 years.

John Oliveira

John Oliveira is our specialist in the area of track evaluation and training. He has served 35 years with a large class 1 railway and served in the capacity of Track Maintainer, Track Supervisor and over 25 years as a Track Trainer and Training Supervisor.

Jerry Sokol

Jerry Sokol is a Railway Track Welder specialist who has 36 years experience in the industry. He has served as a Track Maintainer, Track Welder , Welding Trainer and Welding Supervisor.

Aubrey Andrews

Aubrey Andrews is a specialist is the area of track maintenance and design. He has more than 40 years experience with a Class 1 railway where he worked as a Track Maintainer, Track Supervisor and Track Manager.

Fred Bain

Fred Bain specializes in Work Equipment training. He spent more than 25 years with a Class 1 railway where he worked as a Track Maintainer, Work Equipment Operator and more than 15 years as a Work Equipment Trainer. He has experience in training on all track maintenance equipment.

Bob Bedell

Bob Bedell recently retired from the mechanical function where he has served in the capacity of Certified Car Inspector, Mechanic, Equipment Supervisor, Equipment Trainer and retired as Manager Equipment Dept. with a major Class 1 railway.

Peter Meraw

Peter Meraw recently retired from a major passenger rail company. During his 32 year career he served as a Switchman, Conductor, Locomotive Engineer and Rules Instructor.

Jim Reilley

Jim Reilley has recently joined us after 33 years at CN. During Jim's tenure he served as an electrician, electronic technician, technical specialist and many years as a technical trainer. Jim's expertise covers all areas of locomotive mechanical and electrical inspection and maintenance.

Joe Mitrovic

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Gary Barfoot

Gary Barfoot writeup
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